Colgate Max Fresh Cooling Crystals Spicy Fresh – Review

Colgate Max Fresh Cooling Crystals Spicy Fresh

I have already reviewed two flavors of Colgate Max Fresh Cooling Crystals with all of you. And you guys have known by the time that I am a great fan of this toothpaste. And I have tried all the flavours of this toothpaste and today I am going to review another flavour of this and it is spicy red. I have tried all these three flavours and I am finally completing reviewing this set of toothpaste with this review. Just a fact to let you know is that this is my least favourite toothpaste from this range.


The toothpaste comes in a transparent plastic tube. The colour of the toothpaste is red and this makes the tube also looks red. The tube has a plastic ‘twist to open’ kind of small cap. There are cooling crystals easily available in this toothpaste also. The toothpaste like all the other toothpaste in this category is also jelly-like and transparent. The colour of the toothpaste and the tube is very attractive like all others.


This was the first toothpaste I used in the max fresh range. And I used other two flavours of toothpastes after this and I liked the other two more than this. This toothpaste is also refreshing and energetic but it does not have any strong flavour. I can’t feel the flavour much. The cooling crystals are however very refreshing and cool and I genuinely felt fresh after using this. But I did not feel the presence of any special flavour in this toothpaste, though. However, it is effective in removing bad breath and fighting the cavities. Since I have not used it for a long time, I cannot say whether it is effective in teeth whitening or not.



  • The flavour is not so strong.
  • Not sure about the teeth whitening part.

It is available on Amazon at Rs 90.

It is available on NetMeds at Rs 88.20

It is available on Big Basket at Rs 95.

Also, check out this video to listen to the full speech of Ranveer Singh at the launch of this product.

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