ComFold Big Foldable Round Table Review

ComFold Big Foldable Round Table:

Hello everyone! It feels great to be writing after a very long time! I had this crazy writer’s block you know? Was unable to write anything beyond a line for the past 3 weeks. I guess it’s a phase every writer goes through but never has this block extended this long for me. During this period, I went far and wide in search of inspirations but came across none. A week back, I went out with my friends and found a place called ComFold for buying furniture. The store looks chic and elegant but as it’s a startup, it just has one store located nearby Madiwala in Bangalore. At first I thought it was a competitor of urban ladder, pepperfry and home center. But not so at all!

ComFold is built on a very refreshing idea – “SPACE SAVING FURNITURE”…

When Mithilaj (store manager) started taking me and my friends around and showed us the concepts of each furniture, I found myself being awestruck! I found the perfect table for myself in one of the corners. This table is unique and can fold and unfold itself like magic.

My recent house has a pretty beautiful garden in front. I kept thinking of getting the perfect table for it but never found the right piece. When I saw this table I knew that this was the perfect one I was waiting for.

Price: Rs.8500

After Discount: Rs.6900

I bet you can never find something as amazing as this table for your garden! I am planning a barbecue soon. All of you are invited, lovely ladies…!!!

Buy it here on ComFold.

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