Flying Elephants Straight Umbrella

Summers are here, and the sun is blazing hot!
Going out in the afternoon is a pain and who knows it better than the office-goers?
Beating the heat on the road isn’t easy, but if you play it smart, you can reduce it to a great extent. Wondering how?
Without wasting any more time, let’s introduce Flying Elephants Straight Umbrella.

About Flying Elephants Straight Umbrella

With an attractive portrayal of Flying Elephants in varying colors across a vibrant background, this designer umbrella from the Elephants Company is not only a great fashion accessory, but also a perfect option for you.
Whether it is a rainy day or sunny day, it will give you relief from anything. Undoubtedly, this is also a great gifting option.
Made with PVC material, this umbrella by The Elephant Company also has an easy opening mechanism and efficient ribs that make it tough and durable, while adding a tinge of hues to your daily boring life.

My story

My sister is a fashionista, and at the same time, very conscious about her skin.
One day, she told me about how difficult it is for her to go to college everyday with the sun burning brightly. That’s when I decided to gift her this.

Not only did she got saved from the sun rays, her friends loved the design and the colour of the umbrella. Many of her friends have bought a similar umbrella, and she’s quite happy with the product.

Where can you get it?

You can buy this product from the official Elephants Company store.

The price of the product is Rs.1299 originally, but is available currently at Rs. 649!


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