Khadi Herbal Rose and Honey Body Wash – Review

Khadi Herbal Rose and Honey Body Wash – Review

Most of my readers already know that I have the habit of changing my body washes, fragrances, body gel, moisturisers and more. I love switching the brands, flavours and fragrances. I have been using body shower gel from Biotique for quite a time and I was totally hooked on the product. But after some time, I got bored with the same brand and fragrance so I thought to try something new. Not that Biotique is not good, it is just that I wanted to try something new. I recently bought a pack of Khadi Herbal Rose and Honey body wash from Amazon. I am loving it now.


The bottle of the body wash is quite cool. It is a long cylindrical shape. The bottle is transparent and the entire liquid is seen from the outside. The bottle has a black flip top cap which makes it quite handy. The packaging of the body wash is also simple as it just has one sticker on the front side in which all the details are written. The liquid is pink in colour which makes it my utmost favourite. The pink liquid can be seen from the outside. The smell of the liquid is quite refreshing, it is not that strong but totally fresh and you can feel the aroma for most hours after taking a bath. The pack is handy.


My first assumption was that the aroma of the body wash would be strong enough because of the rose but the smell is not super strong. Rather, it is more on the fresh and refreshing side. Like most of the other body gels, it makes enough lather with just a few drops. The best part is that the aroma of the gel stays on the body for long hours which is the best part. It is the first time that I am using a product from Khadi Natural and I think I will be using it for more days. The bottle is totally handy and can be taken anywhere. It was available at a discount on Amazon and I got it at Rs 104 which was a safe deal.


  • The body wash is refreshing and cool.
  • The aroma is fresh.
  • One can easily feel the smell of rose.
  • It makes for enough lather.
  • It is affordable and is also at a discount.
  • The bottle is handy.
  • It gives a nice bathing experience.

Buy Here at Rs 104.

Buy Here at Rs 124.

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