Master of the game review

Master of the game by Sidney Sheldon – Book Review

2012 edition

Dear readers! I’ve been a dedicated mother for the last 26 years and am a new granny as well. Recently, while rummaging through my old wardrobe, I rediscovered my 18-year-old self through my diary from 1984. I used to write for fun and entertainment, about books and music, and even did a lot of “doodling” as my daughter puts it! Never realized when I left all that behind! So, I thought it’s high time to start something that isn’t new but a beautiful part of my past. Here I am with my first blog at cartadviser. I am a voracious reader of fiction and non-fiction equally. My latest read book is Sidney Sheldon’s “Master of the Game”. It’s a very interesting novel with a catchy plot. The story captures the life of the protagonist “Kate Blackwell”. It takes us deep into her life and that of her family’s within an intriguing plot. Now, as you kids say, “SPOILER ALERT”… LOL!

The Review:

The narrative starts with the life of Kate’s father “Jamie McGregor” who founded the company ‘Kruger-brent’. The company became the love of Kate’s life! She grew up with only one dream- To take the company to greater heights. For that, she manipulated every soul that came her way. Later on, we see her not only disrupting her only son’s career but also messing up his life. Her son, “Tony” had aspired to be a painter and she shattered his dreams as she wanted an heir for her company. As we go on, we find the plot unveiling itself into love, ambition, manipulation, murder, mystery, and loss.

In the end, when she is ninety, she still hasn’t given up! Her quest for the perfect heir to the company still continues. Sheldon has always been a great “mystery writer” and he resides in the heart of every avid reader! Master of the Game is one of his masterpieces that fit perfectly in your bookshelf and give you a thrill every time you take it out for another read.

Deceit. Death. Vengeance. Greed. Love. & Passion… You find it all! This isn’t a “must read”, it’s a
“must keep”…

Where to buy?

You can find it online on Amazon or if you are a touch-and-buy person like me, please visit your
nearest Crossword. Okay then, bye for today. See you soon!

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