‘A girl who does not apply kajal has no sense of fashion’

A debatable statement right!. But none of you can deny that Kajal was your first piece of cosmetic. You said hello to the world of cosmetics and makeup through kajal. So when in doubt go for neatly lined kajal eyes and you are always good to go. So here’s me telling you about apparently the kajal which became a rage and trend in the market with the very announcement of it’s launch in the market.


Maybelline is known for its trend-setting products. Be it their trendy lip balms or the creams, everything has ruled the market from its launch till date(if I  may say so). Maybelline has become a very trusted brand in a very short span and every girl has complete trust in the brand. The product is a dark colossal kajal, it initially was launched in black and then it was followed by different shades of white, blue and brown. I have been personally using the black kajal for about 4 years now so that would be the subject of review in this article.


The product claims to have an intense black finish, it promises to be smudge-proof and stay for up to 12 hours. Also, like most of the Maybelline products the colossal kajal is supposed to be water-proof as well. The product also claims that it is dermatologically tested and is suitable for all kinds of eyes and would usually not cause any allergies or infections.

SHELF LIFE: 24 months from the date of manufacture.


The product has a smooth gliding surface, that makes it very easy to apply. You can get the perfect black finish in one stroke but if your water lash is oily you might need a few more strokes but be absolutely sure to not apply excess pressure on the product as the stick might tend to break. From my personal experience, the product did not last for 12 hours smudge free but it works perfectly well up to 10 hours. The product does not smudge on rubbing and resists rub-offs quite efficiently but in case you have a sweaty or oily lash it might smudge from the corners (pro tip: if you think you have oily lashes the just dab some black eyeshadow after applying kajal exactly on and a little under your water lash, this will prevent smudging). While taking off the product it will not go away with facewash, you will need to remove it using a makeup remover or just dab a coconut oil soaked cotton under(and over) your water lashes. It might seem like a good idea to use it as an eyeliner as well but in that case, the product will start smudging and smearing all over your upper-lid after a few hours. The product does have a matte finish and stays long enough. Overall, this is a budget friendly product which delivers what it promises.


. Intense black finish


.Budget friendly


.Skin friendly


.Tends to break easily.

.Will not stay up to 12 hours.

.Might smudge for oily skin.


This is one product with great repeat value. When in a hurry just dab some BB cream and top your look with kajal lined perfect eyes and you are good to go for the day! Although you might feel the need of an eye-shadow if you have oily skin but apart from that you are all set! I would definitely recommend this product and advice you to give it a try.





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