Mikado couple watch set

Mikado couple watch set is the perfect romantic gift set for a pair you adore. Featuring stylish and stunning design, this watch set sets hearts aflutter. Such is the beauty of the set that the young lovebirds can seal their love with this choicest gift. Overall the Mikado set comes in a stunning packing.
The watch set also has a one year warranty against defects. Suitable for formal, casual as well as party wear. Stylish aura of the product makes you stand out as a youth icon.
Featuring quartz moment, the analog watch set epitomizes the no-nonsense attitude.
Ranked in top sellers at amazon, the watch set is a good investment both for your as well as your family.


My experience:

My distant cousin recently got hitched (for the better) and after taking through numerous online shopping stores, I zeroed in on this beautiful set. Featuring stylish and twin design, this watch set today adores the wrist of my darling couple.

The reaction of the couple on receiving the gift was priceless. In an era when people are opting out for smart watches and smart phones in favor of the chronograph, the package makes sure that you have double thoughts on dumping the techno gear.

Overall Mikado outshines itself in terms of versatility and durability with this  couple gift set.

Advise meter: 3.5/ 5.

Features and Pros: 

  • Beautiful and affordable (available at half the price of regular couple watches with similar lucrative offers).
  • Twining effect that every couple desires.
  • One year warranty.
  • Leather straps that are stylish and durable.


Lack of service centres and brand equity.

Buying guide: 

You can buy this Mikado stunning couple watch set with elegant design at affordable price from following online shopping stores and sites. So for the coming wedding season, you know your choice without fretting.

Happy gifting!

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