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Hey Girls! Looking for pretty monsoon wear footwear? Check out these mixed print flat slippers perfect for a happy monsoon. Regular slippers are good and everything but these are printed with the right design for monsoon, made especially for us girls.

Product Details

Color: Multicolor
Upper Material: PVC
Toe: Toe Post
Strap Type: Strappy
Style: Vacation
Outsole Material: EVA
Type: Flip Flops
For Monsoon what we look is that it should not slip, otherwise there we go sliding on rain water and in puddles every 2 minutes. These slippers have a good grip and soul. These are also soft to wear and are perfect for the water season, You can wear them in rain, run, dance and be all right.
Mixed Print Flat Slippers

My Slippers

So I am a fan of Puma slippers actually, that too, from the men’s section. They are better looking and have comfortable fit for my foot size. It is 7 (UK). I have huge feet. So puma is what I have been ordering for last two years but then I wanted a change actually, I almost browsed all the possible sports brands for good slippers. Nope. I could not find any that I liked. Then I was on Shein, ordering a top I wanted for long (I will write about it soon, follow this space) and the bill amount was low for free delivery, so I said why not look for slippers here. I did, checked them out and guess what? they were really cute and available in my size. I ordered them 2 weeks back, I got them and whoop comes Mumbai rains, I recently traveled there. They were amazing, I literally wore them everywhere because they were safe to wear during the rains and also, looked very pretty. It was a fun trip.

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Do make sure to check your size properly though. Shein.in has different sizes, check the measurements for perfect fit.
Happy Shopping. 🙂
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