Pigeon handy chopper (sea green)

Pigeon handy chopper is an elegance in small size.


Beautiful and tiny size doesn’t hamper the functionality of the product. A portable and easy to carry size. Easy to store in aesthetic kitchen, this chopper brings added functionality to the home.

Available in appealing colors and at an affordable price tag. So be it fruit or vegetable, the product is an answer to all of your chopping choices.

Pigeon handy chopper boats of three stainless steel sharp blades and can manually chop the kitchen ingredients In a jiffy.

My experience:

We were looking to having a smaller version of the hand chopper and came across this ABS plastic designed chopper. It’s durable design is good for everyday use.

It requires no electricity to run and manual operation is completed in a jiffy. Just slice the veggies and leave it for the magic of the chopper.  The short string can be used for rotating the chopper blades. The cleaning of the product is super easy.

advise meter: 4.5/ 5. 

Features and Pros:

  • High quality plastic. ABS is made for long term use.
  • Sharp blades made from stainless steel design.
  • Just get started by pulling the string.
  • No electricity bill for the use.
  • Six months warranty on the product.
  • Ideal gift for small family.
  • Can be used by the small family to satisfy the needs.


The product is too handy for comfort and can be used for only small kitchen tasks but not for wider use. This is hardly useful for a big family as the size is palm sized.

Buying guide:

Buy this sturdy material fruit and veggie chopper at affordable price tag. Check India’s top online shopping stores to get additional benefits. Overall the product works excellently for a small family and their needs.

Happy shopping for the kitchen delights!

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