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If you ask anyone, what’s the dearest thing to the, probably 90% of the people will answer : phones and laptops.
That’s how important they are to us these days, and they deserve some extra care too.
But the laptop cases are sometimes too ugly and this turns off many users from buying one.
But now, with PosterGully laptop skins, you can forget about that once and for all.

About PosterGully laptop skins

PosterGully laptop skins are made from sturdy materials that are designed to cover up the laptops and provide them protection from daily wear and tear.
At the same time, these adds some cool looks as well.

All the skins have been designed by various artists who put in their best shots. Also, since most of them are young, they are aware of the latest trends and design them accordigly.

My experience with PosterGully laptop skins

Like everyone else, my laptop is something very precious to me and I like keeping them safe from all possible damages.
I was searching for cases one day, when I came across PosterGully laptop skins. The designs are really uber, in sync with the latest trends and eye catchy, making sure you attract eyeballs and attention wherever you go.

At the same time, it serves the purpose it is built for very well. One day, I dropped my laptop from my hand. My heart stopped beating for a while, but nothing much happened. The skin did break, but no substantial damage was done.


The prices vary greatly, starting from Rs.299 to Rs. 1000.

Where can you get it?

You can get them here.

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