Prestige TTK magic mop PSB 10

Prestige TTK brings magic spin mop in beautiful surf blue shade. An ergonomic design and development of the product ensures that the tedious task for cleaning home is completed easily.

Made using high quality raw material (plastic) it is easy to handle and use. This mop is also made out of light weight and durable material.

It is important factor in a working lady’s house and help clean up the surroundings. This makes modern homes more open to guests.

The inbuilt rinser bucket and solution dispenser helps to control water needs. This magic mop is also environment friendly as it leads to lower wastage of water.

My experience:

The product is designed to fulfil the needs of the modern day working women and solve her “maid” issues. So when our maid went on maternity leave, we decided to invest in this. The product reduced the cleaning task manageable. But it tries to mimic human resources but cannot replace them.

Butthen the product is useful for more ways than one for us.

Today my brother uses this to clean up his car. He loves it absolutely. He feels that just about the cars exterior gets spic to the best.

Advise meter: 4/5.

Features and Pros:

  • Bucket capacity: 7 litres.
  • Package contents: Mop set and two mop heads.
  • Suitable for marble floors.
  • Value for every penny invested.
  • 360 degree spinning.
  • Beautiful blue bucket.
  • Wheels and easy to empty tap at bottom.
  • Prestige


  • Despite the numerous advantegous effects, the product is slightly expensive.

Buying guide:

Investment on the prestige magic mop series is a good idea for metropolitan residents. Especially those living far from home can get sorted out within a span of 15-20 minutes. With the ability to reach out to the nooks and crannies, it ensures that the home stays clean.

Happy shopping!

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