Puma Originals BillFold Unisex Wallet

Wallet is the most necessary thing in a man’s life! Wherever you go, for some reason or the other, you have to take out your wallet.
While dressing properly is important, a wallet and other good accessories keeps a long lasting impression and speaks volumes about how careful you are about the finer aspects of things.
This is why, we will talk about Puma Originals BillFold Unisex Wallet today!

About Puma Originals BillFold Unisex Wallet

This wallet is unisex and can be used by both men and women.
The material is superior – and there’s no doubt about that because the company is Puma!
It is durable, long-lasting and at the same time keeps your style statement high, so that you stand out among the crowd!

The colour of the wallet is asphalt.

My story

My grandfather is the president of the Association of Engineers, India. However, he is quite abhorrent when it comes to buying things for himself.

But this time, I decided to gift him this wallet on his birthday this time.
Once I gave it to him, he liked it immediately as soon as he unboxed the wallet.

Nowadays, wherever he goes, he carries this with him.
According to him, it has ample space for keeping cash, coins and cards and at the same time, creates a lasting impression on anyone who sees it due to its colour and shine!
He recommends most of his colleagues to use this now, and I will do the same to all the readers who are reading this.

Where can you get it?

You can buy it from the official Puma Store.

The price of the item is Rs.1699!


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