Hello friends,

I have always given personalized reviews on various skin products, as has every adviser in Cart Adviser. So, from my reviews you can tell that I have an acne prone skin and it is sensitive too. So, I need regular care to stop pimple eruption.

And that’s what we do here at Cart adviser. We give such feed backs so that you could get honest and detailed reviews about different products. I am sure that has eased you in several ways. So, now it is time to talk about you and your reviews.

Well, you don’t exactly have to write elaborate reviews as we do. But, I am interested to know about your feed backs and suggestions on my articles. So, today’s article will be all about what you like and why.

Let’s start with the sunscreen that you use. I have already written about two sunscreens and other advisers have too. So, what sunscreen do you use and why?

Here are the two sunscreens that I have written. Have a look at them, if you haven’t already read them. Link is provided below.

  • SUNMATE SPF 30+ SUNSCREEN : This is a broad spectrum sunscreen, water resistant,long lasting, anti aging properties and protects skin from environmental damage! Have you used this? Then comment below and tell about your experience. Click here to read the full review
  • LAKME SUN EXPERT ULTRA MATTE LOTION SPF 50 : This sunscreen has SPF 50, has a broad spectrum, protects from pollution and prevents premature aging and skin darkening. Click here to read the full review


So, which is better according to you? Also, why do you think so?

And more importantly, if you use any other sunscreen, that has benefited you immensely, then do share the name.

We want you to feel free, express yourself and give your opinion. We would always welcome honest suggestions, because it’s you people, for whom we write! 🙂

Happy writing everyone!


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