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So, how are you this summer?

Yes, we all are managing to survive the scorching heat of the sun, every day ! That’s a hard thing, isn’t it? And, harder is to remain fresh in this sweaty weather. The constant hard work of the prolonged day, makes you tired! So, whenever you are feeling down, or need to freshen up in a minute or get ready amidst a busy schedule, then always have Engage Pocket Perfume in your bag!

Engage has come up with this pocket sized perfume, that can be sprayed up to 250 times. Now, even if are having a very hectic day, then you can always spray this perfume and can immediately feel fresh! Even I carry this in my bag wherever I go, and I tell you ladies, this is a real handy when it comes to being outdoor for a long time! You don’t want to stink by the middle of the day, do you?

This pocket spray is not only for women, it is available for men too. Now, all be hassle-free and always be confident, since you will always freshen up the environment you are in! And, let’s agree, that good fragrance always boosts up our confidence, contrary to sweaty odour, which will make you conscious in public!

What’s amazing is, this perfume comes in various fragrances that you can choose from. So , you can have different fragrance every day! Also, it is very cheap and it small is size, so easy to carry!

  • To know more about this pocket perfume and it’s fragrance collection, click here :


  • Rs. 60

This Engage Pocket Perfume will be available in almost all stores, and you can also purchase it online. The links are given below:



Go and try these fragrances, if you haven’t already tried them! And if you have tried them, then do share your feedback in the comment section below!

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