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Last sunscreen cream I talked about is the SunmateSpf 30+. You can read that article in the following link if you haven’t read that yet. Sunmate Sunscreen. Today I will discuss about LAKME SUN EXPERT ULTRA MATTE LOTION SPF 50!

Firstly, I want to clarify that I don’t change beauty products often, because that is not beneficial to skin. I should know that better, since I have a very sensitive skin, as I have said before also. So, the beauty products I use are very cautiously chosen! And so should everyone of you. And for this reason, I am again writing about another sunscreen lotion, so that you can choose according to your need!

Most people prefer light sunscreens which are not too oily, because oily skin invites dust and dirt, affecting skin quality. If you are that person, then LAKME SUN EXPERT ULTRA MATTE LOTION SPF 50 is exactly for you. This sunscreen lotion is light and non sticky. You can apply it and stay dry for a very long time, as compared to other sunscreens.

As the name says, this sunscreen is matte. So you can understand that it is not oily and gives a matte look on applying. Adding to this, it also lasts long and frequent re-appplying is not required. So, you need not worry about your skin becoming oily or sticky. This sunscreen is for all types of people. If you are an oily skinned person, then you can try this and can see the matte effect yourself!

LAKME SUN EXPERT ULTRA MATTE LOTION is a broad spectrum sunscreen. It’s SPF 50 formula protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays of the sun. it also protects against damage caused by the pollution. Thus concluding, that this sunscreen prevents the dark spots, premature aging and skin darkening, all of which results from UV radiation and pollution. Besides, this also has cucumber extracts and Vitamin B3.

How to use:

  • Apply 20 minutes before going out, on your face and neck area.
  • For constant exposure to sun, re-apply 3-4 hours later again.


Rs. 450

You can buy it from the Flipkart. Link is given below:


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