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Review : Rose Black Tea BY Tea Cups Full

About Rose Black Tea

I’ve already written a review about how I came across Tea Cups Full’s tea collection in the first place. Click here to read more about it. I happened to visit their website after that to see if they had any other exciting variants. Their Assam Masala Chai was on top of my favourite teas list but that’s when I decided to give the Rose Black Tea a try.

It sounded exotic and for a very long time I had been looking for a decent rose tea and was hoping with all my heart that it would have those dried rose petals as mentioned in the description. I’ve been let down by other brands when it comes to rose tea, A LOT!

This came in pretty jar and as soon as opened it, I was on cloud nine. Overloaded with dried rose petals, this one smelled heavenly. I couldn’t wait to try it and immediately started brewing it. I sweet yet strong aroma filled the kitchen as soon as I added the tea mixture to my cup in a strainer.

The rose petals opened a little along with the other spices and I drank it without removing tea mixture. I haven’t had a more pleasant experience with a rose tea before. This one is as authentic as it gets and that too at an affordable price. It’s a treat to the senses, trust me.

Product Details :

  • Weight – 100 gms
  • Type – Natural
  • Ingredient type – Veg
  • Can be consumed by vegans
  • Contains dried rose petals and other spice blends
  • Aroma  – Rose (dominant)
  • Colour of Tea – Pale brown 
  • Taste – Mild flavour

Where to buy?

Tea Cups Full

Price – 390/-

Adviser rating – 4.5/5


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