Shots! Shots! Shot glasses (set of 12)

Raise your hands up if you love shots. I do. So, I was organizing a get-together with a very large group of friends and I needed glasses to serve ‘drinks’. Now, like every other normal party, I could have gone for disposable glasses but I thought let us make it interesting and different so I thought of having shot glasses. But we all know how are friends are, generally, clumsy. So I did not want to spend a lot on buying the expensive, decorative kind of glasses. I went to and searched fr shot glasses.

I found the perfect match for my requirement. Colourful, plastic, durable, fancy and the apt size.

Product Details

  • 1-Ounce Quality Hard Plastic Assorted Neon Shooter Glasses In Neon Pink, Blue, Green And Orange
  • Each Package Contains 12 Shot Glasses
  • Combine Them With Neon Tableware And Cutlery For A Bright And Bold Party Table
  • Classic Barware Styling
  • Hand Washable. Reusable. Disposable For Quick After Party Clean-Up.Ideal For Catering, Food Service, Picnics, Weddings, Buffets, Family Reunions And Everyday Use.From Dinnerware, Cutlery And Cups To Serve Ware, Table Covers And More.
  • 100% compostable, sturdy, crack resistant and durable
Total Home Fun Cups ,Shot Glass

My experience

The party was great! Oh yes. It was yesterday and we served drinks in these shot glasses and made a game out of it. The different colours these glasses had, we asked each one to make groups of four friends and then each team was given one colour and one drink, and each team had to collectively claim how many shots can they take of that drink. The team that would complete its target the first, wins. It was actually fun and trust me there were a lot people out of control. But that is the fun with friends.

See how a simple, colourful and disposable glass set could bring so much fun. Try the game 😛

Buying Link Rs. 189 ony

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