TBS – White Musk Smoky Rose Shower Gel Review

The Smoky Rose Collection

Hi Ladies! Today I’m gonna review TBS – White Musk Smoky Rose Shower Gel. It’s a gift from my useless husband who rarely gets me anything. As usual, I thought it’s some random thing that he thinks is perfect and would end up using it himself. But No. He figured out after 5 years that I am a huge TBS fan… Finally!!

This shower gel is just awesome and has a fabulous musky scent which is just irresistible. I’ve put it on my night bathing routine! Feels great going to bed smelling nice and feeling clean after a day at the office.

The product has a seductive musky smell but just be assured that it has only cruelty-free musk. TBS is always cruelty-free no matter what their product is. Anyways, Let’s start the review!

The Packaging:

The Smoky Rose Shower Gel

The purple colour is more than enough to entice you! The Bottle is made of clear plastic with an ombre effect and looks inviting.

The Aroma:

The aroma is exactly like the perfume that I love so much. It’s seductive and romantic at the same time. If you want to pamper your senses, then this is the perfect product for you!

The Notes:

Top Note: Rose (It smells to me like if you hold the rose over a flame, without burning it… Just heating)

Middle Note: Bergamot and black currant

Base note: Pepper and sweet roses (fresh rosy smell)

The Consistency:

Thick Liquidy consistency… The liquid is completely transparent and doesn’t dry out my skin at all but cleanses it completely.

Buy it on:

TBS – White Musk Smoky Rose Shower Gel– The body shop official site @ 725 for 250 ml

Okies Ladies! Meet you again in my next post!


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