Tesco cloud mist humidifier

Tesco air humidifier: A gift for your baby. 

Considering the degree of pollution levels prevalent in the country, investment in a humidifier can prove to be useful.

This diffuser is a bit expensive than the rest. Yet it is worth every penny. It produces tiny vibrations to release essential oils into the air. So, the product makes sure that the air remains clean and safe.

Thus to save your family from Germs and infections, use this simply with water. The product comes with a compact and elegant design. The product is remote controlled and ensures that the LED lights create an ambient atmosphere.


My experience: 

After a friend suffered from air borne ailment, we decided to take preemptive steps. Hence we bought a slightly expensive mist humidifier. The ultrasonic device is a mist machine and lamp in one.

To enjoy a good time at the home, buy this device and forget the stress. With a 500 ml water capacity to give you mist spray. Available with remote control access upto 5 meters, the device can be operated easily. Available to access in two modes I.e. for 60 to 120 minutes.

I am easily taken under weather but after introducing the device, the instances have reduced (not stopped).

Overall I am highly impressed with the product and it’s capabilities.

Advise meter:  4.5/5

Features and Advantages:

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Can be used for aromatic oil diffusion. Wide reach (each and every corner)
  • Vase like elegant design. Looks like a glowing genie lamp.
  • Smart atomiser turns itself off automatically.
  • Safe and super silent. Can be used for baby room as well.
  • Reduces the instances of allergies.


  • Imported product and thus expensive.
  • Frankly my father dislikes the product as they believe it is too colorful for an adult.




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