The Allure of Sandal

Hey everybody! I am back. Today I am going to tell you about the scent that allures even the dullest of people- Sandal. The alluring sandalwood is found in many parts of our country and has been used extensively in Ayurveda for generations! Regular use of this antibacterial agent can fight acne-causing bacteria, exfoliate the skin, soothe sunburn, remove suntan, and reduce signs of aging like dry skin and wrinkles.

The multiple uses of this wonderful product give you a spotless and clear skin. Here’s a list of top five products that you can easily use in your daily lives to gain benefits of “Chamatkari Chandan”…

VLCC Sandal Cleansing Milk

The product cleanses deeply, and by that I mean, you can use it every day before going to bed. If you have too oily skin, try to wash it with a good face wash before using this product as it cleanses very well but leaves your skin a little more than just hydrated!

Just Herbs Sanface Skin Sandal Glow Pack

Need a clear tan-free skin? Use this product once a week for clean and fresh skin that glows!

Khadi Natural Sandal & Olive Herbal Nourishing Cream With Shea Butter

Just in case you have dry skin and had been thinking how to incorporate sandalwood powder in your everyday beauty regimen, you can use this product. This cream has a thick texture that you can massage well into your skin to keep it nourished and glowing.

Just Herbs Body Luster Sandal-Turmeric Ubtan Pack

This ubtan polishes your body skin all over and removes pollution effectively. If you have suntan all over, you might want to use this every day continuously.

Forest Essentials Body Mist Mysore Sandalwood & Vetiver

And, finally… This is your hero! This body mist smells heavenly! I have used this product daily for about an year now.

Okay, then beautiful ladies! See you again in the next post. Use these products and let me know in the comments about your experience. Like, comment and share this post!

Bye! See you all!

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