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The Last Don by Mario Puzo- 2009 edition Review

Hello there reader! I am back with another book review from my collection and want to share my experience with you all… I believe in all kind of reading, be it heavy or light, of romantic or thriller! This week I read “The Last Don by Mario Puzo”… Yes, the famous author of “The Godfather”, one of the best thriller till date. The story revolves around the life of ‘Domenico Clericuzio’ who is a renowned mafia and has done all kinds of crimes in his life, from murder to drug dealing. He accumulated enormous amount of wealth throughout his life for his descendants but after losing his youngest son who had been innocent in a power clash between Mafia families, he realises the futility of his mistakes. Coming to a realization that he wants his children to be free from all kinds of criminal activities, he decides to put them all in legitimate businesses.

Before going into the details of the review, here’s an infographic that you may want to pin or save for later reading and reference.


The last don

The plot is woven around Hollywood and gives an insight into filmmaking of the same era and the casino life of Vegas. The novel is crisply written with interesting plot twists and includes all the ingredients of a bestseller. This masterful saga of Puzo shows love, loyalty, betrayal, violence and corruption.

Each character is important and has various sides to themselves that reveal the fact that life is never black nor white, its grey and all of us share the same colour. The story begins with the christening ceremony of two boys- Dante and Cross. Domenico makes up his mind that the family need to be de-criminalised. His decision is supported by some and opposed by some equally. He divides his sons into three different businesses. Georgio, his eldest son gets assigned to the wall street banking while his second son Vincent is given the Hotel Business. His third but not last son, Petie gets into the real estate business. Domenico’s nephew (Cross’s father), Pippi is handed the casino business in Las Vegas. The story gradually moves forward and we see the two boys (Dante and Cross) grow up. Dante becomes a man full of negativity. He is short in height and envies Cross because of Cross’ evident good looks. Cross is a man of ethics and believes in crime when it requires the most or else, he is satisfied with his casino business. Moving forward we see the lovely Athena come into the centre light. She is a glorified A-list actress in Hollywood with a past that is very hideous. Athena is self-righteous but her ex-husband had been a bully. He was a sociopath who liked torturing his wife both physically and mentally. He was jealous of her at all times and his extent of torture would even extend to the limit where he hurt their only daughter Bethany. We see cross being her saviour as Athena was Cross’ sister’s friend. Cross later falls in love with Athena. Then we see Cross refusing an assignment from Domenico to kill an older friend whom he cared about. Due to the same, Cross loses his power in the Clericuzio clan. Dante rises to power as the “first hammer”. The climax is the point where you find the plot twisting into something very different.

Though the narrative will intrigue your mind, but can’t be equal to “The Godfather”. If you expect that the story would rival Puzo’s masterpiece, then you might be disappointed. The story of the last don is great to read as a novel, save as a bestseller and showcase in your library, but if you want to behold a masterpiece, get Puzo’s “The Godfather”.

You can buy “The Last Don” on or find it in crossword and landmark.

Okay then! That said, I would still like to recommend “the last don” to every reader who likes a great thriller. I would see you all in my next book review soon. Hope you all liked this one! Please like, comment and share with your friends! if you find the infographic interesting, please pin it on Pinterest for future reads as well.


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