The Souled Store – Captain America Half Sleeve T-shirt Review

It’s not surprising to see so many superhero merchandise in the market nowadays. With even Marvel accepting that they have a huge fan base here in India, it’s all pretty clear. From lunch boxes to even bedsheets, there are companies trying to engrave our favorite superheroes into everything. But why do they do it? Just because people like it. And I myself am a huge fan of superhero movies especially of those dropping from the Marvel universe. I already have a coffee mug with Ironman making it look way more cool, but sadly, that isn’t “official”. And trust me it’s hard to find legit licensed products on the internet. But I saw this Ad on Instagram where they claim their products to be original. I read some of the user reviews and was pretty much convinced. That’s when I thought I need to place an order.


Product Description

The company that manufactures these merchandise is “The Souled Store”. I have heard their name before from my friends but choose to ignore. The Ad that forced me to check their website had pretty good t-shirts on the display. Even the price range was affordable which made me have second thoughts about the products being genuine. Anyways I got my t-shirts after 6 days of placing the order. The color and graphics were exactly the same as I saw on the website and even the fabric seems to be of premium quality. It is a round neck half sleeve t-shirt which fits unimaginably well.



  • The fabric feels like a high quality material and is soft to skin.
  • Material seems to be pure cotton. Although I know it couldn’t be 100% cotton, but it’s soft touch to the skin makes me believe it is.
  • Round neck collar type T-shirt.
  • Half-sleeves.
  • Color: Many available. I chose one black and one red T-shirt.
  • Order exactly the size you wear. It comes with perfect fitting.
Should You Buy It?

If you love flaunting your craze for the superheroes, I believe you should. I purchased two T-shirts and both of them are in great condition even after being washed 2-3 times. The color doesn’t fades away and neither do the graphics. It all remains intact and trust me, the T-shirt looks supercool. And in case you want to know which one I bought, it’s Captain America and Deadpool. Because it looks amazing!


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