Ustraa Lip Balm for men review


Good evening people and here’s wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year! May the coming year shower loads of healthy and happy moments on you. So, today, I am going to post my opinions on a brand new product introduced by Ustraa. Recently, Ustraa, a merchandise of Happily Unmarried, introduced a Lip balm for men. I happened to buy this out of curiosity. Here are my views.

Details and description:

As far as I know, the Ustraa lip balm for men is by far the first lip balm made exclusively for men. Though there’s no restriction as to who should use it, The design and look of the product is more appealing towards men. It is flavored as “Dark rum chocolate”. Coming to the initial impressions, this balm is very handy, and looks like a small size vicks vaporub balm. The balm is pale brown in color and doesn’t look like the usual greasy balms. To be more precise, it looks like a tealight candle. Obviously, it smells like chocolate. The net weight of the balm is 10 grams and is priced at Rs. 150. Just like all other Ustraa products, this balm is also free from SRS and paraben chemicals.


I used it for a few days and here’s my opinion. The Ustraa lip balm for men is indeed a good one. It does what it says, with a masculine touch. However, it doesn’t stay long on your lips, so you gotta carry this and apply frequently, other than this, the balm is very good.


Based on my experience, I would give it a 4/5.

If you want to buy this balm, you can buy this on flipkart from here.

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