Zwart Free Size Backpack / Rucksack – Review

Zwart Free Size Backpack / Rucksack

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Today I am reviewing something out of the box. As you have mostly seen me reviewing makeup, beauty, home decor and fashion products then this may sound a bit offbeat to you. But, I feel that this particular product has immense benefits and I should share a seen experience of it with you guys. I like hills and camping but not more than the beaches. So, a rucksack has never been important to me. But, recently my friend bought a rucksack from Amazon and he was ready to go for trekking in the hills. I knew the use of the rucksack but only to some extent and he explained to me why this particular kind of bag is important when you are going for treks and campaigns.


The rucksack which my friend bought was black and light green in colour. It is a typical rucksack which has various zips and holders. It is made up of polyester. It has one additional pocket on the side for keeping water bottles, may be. It also has one chain pocket at the outer side. It is strong enough for the trekking and the camping purpose. It weighs around 600 gms. It has a one year warranty as well from the manufacturers. It is strong and durable.


My friend has to go on a trekking with the college friends and he bought this rucksack from Amazon. He received it and was happy with the product. This is not from a very famous brand but it was pocket-friendly so he decided to purchase it. He was happy to receive this product and he found extremely strong and durable to take on the treks. He was not very particular or choosy about the designs but still, I like the patterns and the design. The fabric used is also durable to not get withered. This is also not very heavy and has extra space to fit all the requirements of the bag.



  • It is not from a famous brand.
  • The colour options are not available.

Buy here at Rs 799.

Buy here at Rs 879.

Also, check out this video and see the correct way of packing things in a rucksack.

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